Turn Your Testimony Into a Compelling Story to Inspire & Serve!

Yes!  I want to be an Inspirational Devotionals Co-Author!

Write & Share Your Story of Breakthrough!

We have started receiving applications for the next volume of Inspirational Devotionals! Woo hoo!!!

Inspirational Devotionals is a collaborative book experience for faith-fueled individuals who want to use their stories to inspire and serve.

The vision of the new book is all about inspiring breakthroughs. Each co-author is submitting a devotional message that includes a personal life story with a lesson attached.

We are bringing hope, healing, and transformation through our stories!

Here's a quick walkthrough of what's included in the Inspirational Devotionals co-author experience:

  • Your devotional message and bio, beautifully and professionally published.

I’m inviting you to contribute a short devotional message to be included.  A small story with an encouraging nugget for the reader to take into their day.

Your contribution can be up to 1000 words long. This includes your brief personal bio. Here's an example chapter from our most recent Inspirational Devotionals book.

  • Private Story Consultation: You’ll have up to 30 minutes of private consultation time with me to support you in getting started.
  • Professional Editing: Your submission will be edited by a professional copy editor. If you need additional support to write your story, we're here for you!
  • Award-Winning Book Design: The book will have a professional cover design, interior design, copyediting, and proofreading.
  • Connection & Community: We will have special story writing parties for co-authors to get acountability and support in writing your chapter.
  • Author Copies: You’ll receive a paperback copy of the book shipped to you in advance of the book launch for your own photo opportunities.
  • Author Spotlight & Promotion

We will have a book website with your author information, photo, bio, and live links.

We will have a Social Launch Plan with Book Launch Graphics that make you look amazing.

  • Book Release Celebration & Continued Exposure

We will execute an Amazon Book Launch Event with an eye for Bestseller Status. (Our last book collaboration was #1 in 14 categories, at release and again 5 months later!)

  • Expanded Exposure & Visibility For Your Message

Inspirational Devotionals co-authors are invited to participate in a special author spotlight series with live and virtual speaking opportunities!

Project Investment

Your co-author investment for everthing included in this experience is $500. A payment plan and ministry/non-profit discounts are available.

Project Timeline

  • We are accepting applications from now through June 30 , we may fill up before the application period ends so don’t delay your submission. If you're accepted as a co-au thor, we'll begin right away helping you get your story written.
  • The 2024 edition of Inspirational Devotionals is scheduled for release in March 2024.


What is an Inspirational Devotional?

An Inspirational Devotional is a short, powerful message that uplifts, encourages, and inspires.

Is this project only for "religious" messages?

No. This project is for inspiration stories. While many of the stories might have a spiritual aspect, this project is open to all. My main vision for this project is to uplift and inspire.

Why is there a fee to participate? What does the fee cover?

We are producing a beautiful book you will be proud to share, while creating marketing and promotional opportunities that put you and your story in front of a wider audience. If you were to write, publish, and promote a book of this caliber on your own, the costs would be in the thousands for editing and design alone. As an Inspirational Devotionals co-author you are getting all of the impact and credibility boosting benefits of being a published author at a small fraction of what you would spend to do it on your own.

The fee covers professional editing (developmental and copy editing), cover design, intenor design, ebook formatting, book marketing, best se ller campaign, and author promotional pack.

Can you help me write my story?

Absolutely! If your application is accepted, you will receive access to a private 1:1 story consultation where we will work on your story together.

I have more questions, can we talk?

Sure! Click here to schedule a free call with me and I'll answer your questions.