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May 27 ▪︎ 1 PM - 4 PM Eastern

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Meet Benecia

As a story coach and founder of, I know stories have the power to impact, influence, and inspire. For more than fifteen years, I've used stories to share my message and help other purpose-driven people share theirs too. I've written six best-selling books for myself and been the ghostwriter and/or publisher for twenty bestsellers for Inspirational Authors. I have also used storytelling to help small businesses and non-profits generate more than $20M to fund their life-changing work. Stories have helped me and my clients make a real difference in the lives of others.

Now it's your turn!

Join me for the Inspirational Authors Story Lab, where you'll learn the tools and techniques to turn your experiences into a captivating story. A story tailored to reach the hearts and minds of your community and beyond.

In this power-packed experience, you will learn how to write your story in a way that calls out to your tribe...and positions you for greater impact and influence in the marketplace.

This group coaching intensive was created to help passionate, faith-fueled individuals craft messages that bring hope, healing, breakthrough, and transformation in the lives of others.

By the end of our time together, you will have a proven system to clearly define and express your unique story to directly speak to the hearts and minds of the people you are called to serve.

Here’s What We'll Do Together

Find The Story In Your Testimony

Learn how to glean the insights and golden nuggets from your life experiences.

Uncover The True Impact of Your Story

Your story isn't just about you, it's about your reader. How will their lives be better because they read your story?

Get Clear About What To Include In Your Story & What To Leave Out

There is an art to knowing what to go deep with for the greatest impact. (This will save you so much time & editing!)

Connect Your Story to Your Unique Message

Uncover the unique way your story can help your tribe overcome their greatest challenges and accomplish their biggest goals.

Build Your Story Framework

I'll show you how to use the Inspirational Story Blueprint for your story. You'll create your customized roadmap to confidently and authentically write your story for maximum impact.

Write The Story Only You Can Write!

Here's Everything You're Getting When You
Join The Inspirational Story Lab

  • Live Training Experience

    An in-depth step-by-step breakdown on how to turn your unique professional expertise and life experience into a powerful story.

  • Dedicated Writing Time

    Begin writing your story right away. After each section of training, we will have dedicated writing time to implement what you've learned.
  • Lifetime Access to the Workshop Recordings

    The training recording will be available within 24 hours of the session so you can be present in the training without worrying about missing anything.
    **The mastermind collaboration time is only available during the live session and will not be included in the workshop recording provided to registrants.
  • Story Spotlight Coaching

    As always, there will be lots of time for your questions and individualized coaching support.

Words Of Praise For Benecia Ponder


I went from a dream to inspire others with my story to become a Best Selling author in just 3 months. Now I'm receiving messages from people all over the world whose lives have been impacted by my story! And that's just the beginning!

Author of Faith Through It All and Your Money Isn't For The Grave


Ms. Ponder is amazing! My story was painful and I didn't know if I could write it in a book, but she helped me use the emotions I felt instead of hiding from them. Now, I've written and published two books with Ms. Ponder. I'm so grateful for how she empowered me to use my story to help others..

Author of Through It All and In My Silence


Benecia was the rock and foundation I needed to get my book published. She knew I had a lot of things I wanted to put in one book, and she helped me stay focused and true to my own voice.  She helped me to make this book not only something I've always dreamed of but better than I imagined it could be. I cannot thank her enough for this!

Author of The Prosperity Planner


This is my second book with Ms. Ponder. I've also been a part of her book collaboration project. Working with Ms. Ponder is a life-changing experience because she helps to take what's inside of you and transform it into something so powerful. All I can say is WOW. I'm so happy I started working with Ms. Ponder.

Author of Poetic Romance and Words From Within

Co-Author of Divine Direction

You have inspiring stories to share, and others need to read them!

The reality is: There are people in this world who need to hear your stories. And if you’re not sharing your stories (or not sharing them in an easy-to-digest or relatable way), you’re depriving your people of the very thing they need to hear from you.

So, tell me: What’s truly stopping you from connecting with your audience on the level you both deserve? Whether it’s fear, lack of knowledge or even a perceived lack of skills, I’ve got your back.

Join me for the Inspirational Story Lab, and you’ll learn everything you need to know to craft relatable stories that resonate, transform and eventually, sell.

What do you say?

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Inspirational Authors Story Lab - Early Bird


Who is this for?

This program is designed for those with a powerful testimony. Individuals attending this event are inspiration-minded and ready to use their stories to make a difference in the lives of others.

Will you give me feedback on my story?

Yes, I certainly will! The Inspirational Story Lab is broken up into three main components: training, writing, and feedback. During the feedback portion, I will answer questions and provide story coaching to participants who want help refining their stories.

I have many stories; how do I know which one to share?

The better question is: which one should you share first :) At some point, I hope you'll have the courage to share all of your stories. During the Inspirational Story Lab, I'll give you a simple test you can use to determine which story to tell and when to tell it.

Do I have to be an experienced author?

Not at all. I love working with budding storytellers! Your experience with writing has to start somewhere and why not now?