The Fastest and Easiest Way to Get Published to Market Your Business, Get More Clients, and Make More Money 


Many business professionals want to write a book, but sitting down to write an entire book can be intimidating. Plus, your readers are so busy, a full-length book is intimidating for THEM. But, what if you could provide a tool for the people you serve that would allow them to move forward?  

That’s exactly what a low-content book like a workbook, journal, or planner can do for you and your people. These kinds of books:

  • Encourage interactivity and engagement with readers  
  • Have a high perceived value  
  • Engage multiple senses when readers handwrite answers  
  • Allow you to coach your readers without compromising your 1:1 rates 
  • Are a gateway to multiple streams of income 

It can be easier than you think to put together one of these powerful business boosting books. Sign up for your free 3-part video series to dive deeper and discover more.

“Putting together my guided journal was one of the easiest business projects I’ve ever done – and my people LOVE it because they get to use it every single day! It’s such an awesome tool to serve others and add to what I offer.” Felicia Slattery, #1 Best Selling Author of Kill the Elevator Speech

“I have solid players, but this guide helped me fine-tune my team's approach on game day. Hands down the most helpful book I've read on this topic!” Lori Hadley Davis, Best Selling Author of Faith Through It All